MIN seeks to support #CommunityTech, partnering with world-class company founders and established early-stage investors who share our vision.

Investment Selection

We evaluate company fit for inclusion in MIN based on our investment criteria:

  • Mission: Core product or service addresses a MIN theme
  • People: Dynamic founder(s) and established early-stage lead investor(s) in place
  • Process: Founder(s) and lead investor(s) open to integrating stakeholder voices into company governance process
  • Tech: Scalable software / computer science "near the core"
  • Geography: U.S.-centric
  • Industry: Agnostic, but...
    • Our Focus: Consumer health & wellness, consumer or ESG fintech, jobs & education, sustainability, consumer basic needs, social media & community collaboration.
    • Very Unlikely: Deep-tech (except AI), bio/pharma, med-device, b2b healthcare, crypto, boutique businesses, and capital or asset intensive businesses.
  • Stage: First investment before Series B
  • Typical Check: $200k to $1M

Curated Company Support

In exchange for an ongoing commitment to community (company mission and a stakeholder-inclusive governance process), MIN provides ongoing post-investment support, seeking to catalyze the broad adoption of the company's core solution.