Our Mission

We're on a mission to empower local communities.


We believe thriving, welcoming, uplifting, and resilient local communities are the foundation of a flourishing society.


Local businesses act as the lifeblood for local communities and are highly-attuned to their community responsibility. Over the last 60 years, local businesses have given way to technology-enabled global businesses, which have global responsibilities. This has left a gap in many local communities: gone is the latticework of local businesses that are both well-resourced and primarily focused on local needs and community problem-solving.


While there is no going backwards, there is a way forward. An emerging set of companies — as well as an increasing number of consumers, workers, and investors — are awakening to the need for businesses to serve all of their stakeholder communities, particularly underserved local communities.


Our mission is to catalyze and support new, innovative businesses empowering individuals to build thriving local communities.